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Artificial Grass, AstroTurf Installation – Oahu, Hawaii

If you are wondering about artificial grass in Hawaii you have come to the right place! We agree, turf grass does not sound very exciting at first. However, there are lot of scenarios in which it is an advantage to have turf (AstroTurf is main brand) over real grass, even in Hawaii.

lady installing astroturfArtificial grass requires minimal maintenance after installed (time and money)

First and foremost, if you want a total landscape makeover with zero maintenance and worries. Well, let’s rephrase it, nothing is zero maintenance in this world anymore! It’s just so simple and easy because turf will always look its best all year round, despite weather. The only thing you will ever need to do is an occasional weed pull, quick rinse for removal of major debris, and brush with a rake and broom here and there to keep the blades upright. 

playground over artificial grassTurf is safer for your kids and will always lush in a playground area

Another common reason to pick Hawaii turf grass over a natural lawn is if you have kids. Have you ever wondered why the grass under a playground never looks as vibrant and alive as the other areas in the same lawn? That is because constant walking over grass will crush it and compact the soil, especially when wet.

There are strategies to minimize this problem, but the most efficient is to minimize the amount of walking over the lawn. You can build a pathway and take people off the grass, but you definitely don’t want to have pavement in a playground area! Faux grass is proven to be safer for the kids and it is used in most parks and schools already for that matter. Parents love it because they don’t have to worry as much about potentially injuries, ingestion of mud, rocks, sand, or worse, pesticides. Moreover, turf is allergy-free which is a plus with kids.



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Find out how we can transform your Hawaii back yard into a maintenance free green oasis!

(808) 707-8321

Find out how we can transform your Hawaii back yard into a maintenance free green oasis!

(808) 707-8321

Synthetic grass is safe for pets and easy to clean in case of urine or poop

If you have dogs on natural grass you may have noticed yellow spots from urine over the time. Artificial lawn is indeed an advantage for pets because it is safe, typically more resilient than natural grass, and can be enhanced with dog-friendly features for optimum absorption and draining.

I am sure you wonder about dog poop and urine and the smell it can create. Simply scoop them up, hose the unwanted stuff off. If you still notice an odor after that, wipe down the area with a vinegar mixture. The odor should be eliminated once dried.

Hawaii artificial grass keeps pets clean and is safe for pets of all kinds and sizes!

Artificial grass can be an advantage in pool areas

Another area where it is hard to ensure natural grass to thrive is around a swimming pool. Having real grass near a pool exposes the lawn to more water then what it really needs and often leads to mud. You may find that you also need to clean your pool more often as you find stray blades of grass in your pool.  Again, this depends who and how much you use your pool (do your kids like to jump and splash water everywhere? Or is it just a couple of adults using the pool here and there?). This should make it easy to decide what type of grass you should install around the pool.

artifical grass installed on a balcony in Waikiki, Hawaii

Synthetic lawn for a sidewalk strip or balcony

A sidewalk strip is that “no-man’s land” between the street and the sidewalk where green struggles to grow and dogs love to do their business. If you don’t have a backyard and all you have is that little bit of greenery in the sidewalk you may want to consider changing to fake grass. Paying to have somebody go all the way there to cut such a small piece of grass or buying all the products you need is not really worth it. Often times you may let it grow too much and incur the risk of getting fined by the city and county.

Furthermore, people leaving in a condo in Honolulu and Waikiki are buying artificial grass rugs for their balcony. It sucessfully brings a feeling or garden to their home!  Call us today to find out what most Hawaii people without a yard are doing to their sidewalk strip and balcony!

Turf Hawaii FAQs

Artificial Grass Cost in Hawaii

Let’s face it, real grass installation is cheaper than synthetic field installation, however turf will be cost free for up to 20 years! That is a lot of money saved in yard maintenance! We are able to provide cheap fake grass installation to your needs.

Should I get natural or synthetic grass in Hawaii?

When choosing between natural or synthetic grass in Hawaii, consider what your goals are. Each yard and family is unique, with different goals in mind. For families with kids and pets, we often find a combination of real grass in the garden and turf in playground/pet areas as the best scenario. Especially in terms of maintenance, safety, and cost. Give us a call today and we will be happy to help you decide between natural or artificial grass, or a mix without any compromise!

How popular is Artificial Grass in Oahu?

Artificial grass in Oahu is very popular in areas where it does not rain often. Therefore, it is the most popular in Ewa Beach and Kapolei gardens. Artificial grass As mentioned before, the labor and cost of maintenance of real grass can be annoying for some people. If you live in an area where it rains a lot such as Kaneohe, maybe you can get by with watering the grass weekly, or bi-weekly. Sometimes it rains so much you don’t even to do it for months. However, if you live in Ewa Beach of Kapolei, you know that in order to keep your grass green, you need to water it pretty much every day in the summer. For this reason, we find that a lot of homeowners really value the turf option in this climates.

Grass vs. Turf in Hawaii - Still Undecided?

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