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Tree leaning over a garage in a dangerous way. Tree needs trimming in OahuIt is easy to overlook the importance of tree thinning in Oahu as we see forest trees doing okay with only nature’s care. Remember landscape trees are not forest trees and require a lot more care to persist healthy and beautiful.

First and foremost, you want to screen for any immediate danger. As you can see in the picture on your left, the branches of this tree are touching the roof of the house. This can speed up the wear of the roof and cause for an early replacement. As you know, roof replacements are not cheap. you want to keep your trees thinned to guarantee air and light penetration to all branches. Have you ever noticed those dense trees with a lot of shade at the parks? Well as nice as it is to lay under that shade, those trees probably have a high rate of dead wood as the interior branches may not be getting enough sunlight and air circulation. Dead wood means potential for tree disease and pest infestations. You definitely don’t want to lay under a tree with a pest infestation!

Is Trimming and Thinning a Tree Similar?

Yes they are, and may be needed at the same or different times. Trimming involves the removal of branches to guide the shape and direction of the growing branches.  Thinning does not change the overall shape of the tree. It is more about opening the canopy to increase air circulation and light, make room for growth of other branches, and boost bud and fruit production.

The advantage of a regular landscaping maintenance is that you never have to worry about what to do and when.  Call us today for tree service in Oahu!

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