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tree cutting and removal with equipment. Call us for tree removal in Oahu​Regular tree maintenance involves mostly tree trimming, thinning, and tree pruning. However, sometimes a tree may need to be removed. The most common reasons to remove a tree are it’s dead or dying, it’s damaging property, it’s too big, or it’s required by government or community associations. Call our experts for a free quote on tree removal in Oahu, Hawaii.

Dead or Dying Trees

A dead tree constitutes a hazard to everyone living near it. Not only because it attracts pests to it, but also because of how easy it is to break at that point. In an event of strong wind, it is very easy to break and blow off branches of a lifeless tree – or even the whole dead tree! Those branches can hit people, windows, cars, walls and cause serious damage. You know how often we have gust of wind in Hawaii! Please never ignore a dying tree, worse if totally gone; it is a huge liability to have a dead tree in your home.

How Can I Tell if My Tree is Dead?

Trees that are no longer alive present a combination of signs that need close attention. The first thing you can do to identify a dead tree is to scratch a branch of your tree (use your finger or a pocket knife).  If you find it moist and green underneath, then good news: your tree is alive. If you find it brown and brittle move to step two and look for:

  • Cracks, splits, or peeling bark in the trunk
  • Mushrooms or other fungi growing by the roots of the tree
  • No living foliage/buds in multiple branches
  • All together the above signs are symptoms of a dead tree.

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​When Trees Can be a Problem

If your tree isn’t dead or dying, then removing it is probably due to it becoming a problem. Trees are living things and sometimes get too big for your lawn, may be blocking your view, or in the way of construction. Banana trees, palm trees, and mango trees are great examples of trees that just get too big.

Encroachment is when a tree crosses over to a neighbor’s property and is a minor form of trespassing. It does happen a lot in Hawaii and costs a lot to fix when people are selling their homes. When fruiting trees encroach on a neighbor’s lot it can attract many different types of pests leading to further liability and tension between both parties.

The most important thing to be very wary of is that the bigger a tree gets, the greater of a chance that its roots can become a problem for your real estate. Roots can upend sidewalks, fences, and roads, break underground pipes, and even crack your foundation. If you believe that any of your plants are too close to a piece of property, it is probably a good idea to move or remove it before it’s too late. Our Oahu landscapers are equipped to remove hazard trees from your yard without delays or stress. We will take care of disposing the tree with safety. Call us today for a quick tree disposal!

To avoid a dying tree, please consider a regular check and maintenance of your trees. Take advantage of the affordable prices for tree care in Oahu that GG Hawaii has to offer.

(808) 707-8321

To avoid a dying tree, please consider a regular check and maintenance of your trees. Take advantage of the affordable prices for tree care in Oahu that GG Hawaii has to offer.

(808) 707-8321

Cutting Down vs Total Removal

There are several ways to remove or dispose of a tree. The simplest and most common way is to simply cut it down at the stump. This is the most common procedure because it is the cheapest, but it is usually not recommended. First, it is not pretty and does not add any value to your property. In fact, it poses a danger to anybody tripping on it. Second, there are many trees that will regrow after being cut! Many landscapers will add chemicals to the stump to stop it from growing, but it is not always effective. Lastly, a stump attracts ants and termites. As you know from above, pests, specifically ants and termites, are attracted to dead or dying trees. Once infesting your stump, it’s usually not too far of a distance to get into your house! There is no reason to keep a stump in your yard.

​Stump Removal and Stump Grinding, Oahu

If you need stump removal or griding in Oahu we are here to help! For whatever reason you may have a stump in your yard consider to remove it as soon as possible. A stump can either be removed or ground. Stump grinding vs. stump removal both have pros and cons. Stump removal is more invasive and time consuming then grinding. It also involves a lot more labor, so it is more expensive. It will however leave the space clean of any roots. Tree grinding is faster and more effective, however it will not get rid of the roots. Some roots go 12 feet deep or more from where the stump stood. After ground, the roots will naturally break down, but this process is lengthy and can take many years.

Choosing between tree removal and grinding depends of your future plans for that specific area in terms of landscape. Tell our team what our plans are and we will help you decide which way to go. We have the right skills, the right tools, and the right people to remove it for you in a timely fashion. Just like our friends Tree Removal GatineauCall us today for a quick and reliable service (808) 707-8321.

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