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Tree Pruning Oahu, Hawaii

orange tree carrying many oranges. It was pruned.Green Grass Hawaii has extensive experience in tree pruning in Oahu! Pruning is how you protect your tree from diseases and keep its structural integrity. You want to prune to remove dead branches, increase air and light penetration. Remember, parts of your tree can become ill or even die, and that is a risk for pest infestation. A regular Honolulu tree trimming and thinning as needed will make pruning a lot easier. You can count on GG Hawaii to provide a complete tree cutting service and maximize the beauty, health, and productivity of your trees. Call us today for a free quote on tree pruning in Oahu!

How Much to Cut?

Pruning is not butchering! Trees should not be butchered as it will most likely kill it.  Routine cutting will be done with your regular tree service from GG Hawaii at the time that is appropriate for each plant. That will involve removal of diseased or dead branches, and careful selective thinning to improve structure and increase light and air within all parts of the tree. A regular maintenance will keep your tree healthy and strong for the long haul. That in turn will avoid need for tree removal.

When to Prune a Tree in Hawaii?

Trees have growth cycles. That means different trees have different needs in different climates! As a basic rule, trees that bloom during the Winter or Spring months should be pruned through the Summer, with a final trim before September. Fruit trees are usually pruned after the main fruiting season although this will vary with the type of fruit. In Hawaii we also have to worry about hurricane season! It is important to prune a tree before hurricane season, especially those likely to be damaged by high wind and storm. A very different approach is done to palm trees, a common tree in most Hawaii’s backyards! For most species, we recommend waiting until the leaves are old and almost ready to fall off. Cutting trees too early is detrimental for all trees as it weakens the trunk. Palms in particular can risk your safety as a weak palm trunk may break during a strong wind.

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Equipment for Tree Pruning

Another important factor for tree pruning is the equipment. Good and effective equipment allows for the best pruning technique; however tool cleaning when going from one tree to another is detrimental to avoid spreading of disease. It is just like people: using the same tool to clean a wound between two people can lead to infection. GG Hawaii has the knowledge, the skill, and proper equipment and standard cleaning techniques to provide you the best cost-effective pruning service. Call us today!

GG Hawaii can personally inspect your tree or shrubs to decide which branches should be removed and when it would be appropriate to do it. Call us today!