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Tree Planting Oahu, Hawaii

young papaya tree planted in a garden in Aiea, HawaiiConsidering tree planting in Oahu? Have you ever imagined our world without trees? Having a tree in your garden has benefits that extend beyond its beauty. Trees provide serenity, an opportunity to de-stress and to create memories with our loved ones. Think about playing with the kids and pets under the shade, reading a book on a relaxing lounge chair, or even having a nice BBQ with your family!  Trees also provide privacy for your home, reduce sound and glare, and help moderate the temperature of your house. The shade provided by compact trees can reduce the temperature of your house in the hot months, and act as a windbreaker to wind and rain. That could actually mean reduced damage to windows and some savings in energy.

​Nevertheless, we all know that leaves are vital to a clean air.  If you are not convinced yet about the benefits of trees, know that trees enhance the architecture and beauty of your house. According to the International Society of Arboriculture, landscaped homes increased property value from 5 to 20 percent comparing with non-landscaped homes. The increase in property value will vary with size, species, condition and location of the trees included in the landscape. If you really want to maximize the economical potential of growing trees, we will let you know what trees provide most value to your property! Call us for a ideas and a free quote on tree planting in Oahu, Hawaii.

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.


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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.


(808) 707-8321

How to choose which tree to plant in Hawaii?

Have you thought of which tree you want? Fruit options are very exciting but maybe you just want some shade in your garden for your kids to play? We can plant pretty much any type of tree. Do you prefer a sapling young tree that you can watch and help grow over the years, or would you rather transplant a mature tree to provide you the shade and fruit you want sooner? Are you looking into increasing the property value of your home? Let’s talk about your needs and goals. We will make sure to grow the right tree at the right location for your and your family to enjoy years to come.

​Tree transplanting in Hawaii

Do you have a tree you love that for some reason is in the wrong place? Maybe it is close to a wall and starting to cause some damage? Or maybe you are moving homes and would like to keep the trees you watched grow in your new home? GG Hawaii offers tree transplanting services at affordable cost. Call us today!

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