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sprinkler active in a vegetable garden. GG Hawaii does sprinkler installation and repair OahuHave you ever considered sprinkler installation in your Oahu garden? Green Grass Hawaii has installed many sprinklers with great success, especially sprinkler installation in Kapolei area. Did you know you may be wasting gallons of water and hours of your time only to have your plants die for no reason? Did you ever wonder why your plants do not live as long as your research said they would? Well there are many reasons. Too much or too little irrigation, or maybe even both at different times could be one of the reasons why your plants struggle to stay alive longer, especially with how variable the weather is in Hawaii! Let us analyze your garden and we can tell you how much water your Hawaii plants need. We can build you a custom sprinkler system for your Hawaii property! 

Sprinkler Repair, Oahu

Green Grass Hawaii also provides sprinkler repair in Oahu. If you already have a sprinkler but is somehow not working right, give us a call. Don’t wait because you will most likely be wasting water and the bill can get quite high.

Tips to save water on plants and lawns:

There are three basic steps to proper landscape watering. Follow these three steps to figure out your best plan to take care of your garden:

  1. Know how much water your lawn and plants need.
  2. Know how much water each part of your watering system provides and how often.
  3. Match your plant’s needs to your watering system’s output.

How much water does my lawn and plants need?

Well, you may have figured that they have different needs. Lawns want water deeply but infrequently to encourage deep roots. A rule of thumb is to apply no more than 1 inch of water every time, which should soak the soil between 6-10 inches. That being said, watering with a hose without a nozzle is probably the most inefficient way because it delivers water much faster than the landscape can absorb. Plants of course will differ a lot based on the type of plant. However, generally speaking, each plant should be watered twice, about 15 min apart to allow time for the water to soak into the soil. ​

If you’ve read this far you may now understand how difficult it is to actually match them all. That is why sprinkler systems are the best at saving water, while providing the right amount to keep your plants and lawn vibrant despite weather conditions. Give us a call today for an affordable sprinkler system installation, repair, or replacement in Oahu. If you rather not deal with the water needs of your yard, consider Artificial grass installation.

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Get an affordable custom irrigation system according to your needs and the needs of your yard. Different plants have different needs, in Hawaii weather those needs change even more!

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How does a sprinkler installation work with rain?

Did you ever notice a device spraying water while it is raining? Especially in Hawaii we see that all the time, unfortunately. If you noticed that you may have thought “what a waste of water!”, and you are so right! To further maximize your irrigation system efficiency you can go a step further and install shut-off devices that can detect rain and automatically shut off your sprinkler to save water. Can you imagine how much water you can now save? Give us a call today and let us help you with your sprinkler installation in Hawaii. Save money and time!

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