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Landscaping Services in Hawaii

lawn mower cutting grassFor most gardens, landscaping services in Hawaii involve grass cutting or mowing, edging, weeding, shrub trimming, fertilizing treatments, and green waste removal. Most often people in Hawaii get a scheduled landscaping every 2-4 weeks but it depends where you live in Hawaii and what plants you have. It is amazing that we live in such a small island but the area you live in has a huge impact on the type of soil and maintenance that your plants need. From dry Ewa Beach to wet Kaneohe and Mililani, plants will behave differently and our landscapers at GG Hawaii are ready to commit to the care they need!

Check out the difference between lawn needs in different areas of Hawaii hereYou can also find out detailed info about what to expect for landscaping in Kapolei.

Our lawn services are not only about saving your time with the less fun part of gardening. We are trained in the best techniques to maximize your garden and durability of your plants. Starting with a simple grass mowing, there are techniques to keep it alive and vibrant a lot longer such as the direction of mowing. Grass type and season of the year also affects mowing height. Don’t worry about the details, that is why we have years of training and experience in landscaping services in Hawaii, and Oahu in particular.

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Love taking care of your garden on your own?

A Spring and Fall garden clean-up is a popular service requested by our clients who love spending time taking care of their garden on their own but need help controlling the overgrown landscape. This one-time clean-up may be needed 2-4 times per year depending on what plants you have and what area of Oahu you live in. These services are also great opportunities for soil treatments and fertilizers.

We are knowledgeable about the various soils in different areas of Oahu and will recommended you with the right amendment. You will find your plants and turf restored making it much easier for you to continue caring for them on your own if you would like. Much like your garden will gain more life!

More advantages of regular landscaping services

GG Hawaii goes a step further and can even check your gutters. We can clean and flush gutters as needed to make sure the downspouts are clear and flowing well. A clogged gutter will lead to water flowing out along with the foundation.  Needless to say, water flowing in the foundations will lead to foundation problems which you may only discover when it’s too late! Gutter problems are easily avoidable by checking your gutter at least twice a year. Let us help you with that today!

If you don’t want to worry about watering your garden, consider sprinkler installation.

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