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 Landscaping Kapolei, Oahu


Looking for a reliable company for landscaping in Kapolei? Look no further, our Kapolei landscapers can offer you the maintenance you need for your grass, trees, weed control, and water systems. Call (808) 707-8321 today!


Landscaping in Kapolei and Nearby Cities

Kapolei is the second biggest city on Oahu and is growing rapidly. It consists of Kapolei Central, Makakilo, and Ko Olina, but the climate and environment of these areas are greatly different from the lush, green scenery that Hawaii is stereotypically known for. If you need yard service or landscaping in Kapolei, these are the most common concerns you need to think about:

Sprinkler Systems

If you live in Kapolei you may want to consider installing sprinkler systems. That is because Kapolei receives a lot less rain than the rest of the island and is dryer. If your yard has grass, it will be very important in Kapolei to have a working and efficient sprinkler system. This is especially important for homes that are part of an association and need to keep the grass green.
At Green Grass Hawaii, we can design and install your very own sprinkler system to keep your grass green along with your other plants and trees. If you already have an existing sprinkler system, we can maintain and repair it. From replacing sprinkler heads to ensuring that the water reaches all areas of your yard.

Water-efficient Plants or Turf installation

For those homes that don’t have or don’t want a sprinkler system, having water efficient plants in your yard or garden are more important.
For homes that don’t want to deal at all with water, installing turf or artificial grass is a great option. Artificial grass from afar is easily mistaken for real grass and has almost no maintenance. If the color green isn’t your thing, you may also want to consider laying rock on your yard or side way strips. Laying rock is still a little more management that installing turf because the weeds will eventually grow through the rocks. If installed properly though, this will be minimized or possibly not happen at all.

Weed management

Even without water, weeds will still grow! The most common weeds in Kapolei, especially Makakilo is the haole koa, or koa haole plant (often mistaken for “hale koa”). It grows very quickly in dry areas and if not taken care of quickly, the roots will get very thick and it will be difficult to get rid of. Aside from this particular weed, Green Grass Hawaii can take care of all types of weeds or invasive plants that you may be dealing with.

Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Tree Removal

In Kapolei and Ewa Beach trees are less common due to the dry climate. If you are looking to trees in these area you most likely need to have it planted. However, Mililani area you will find a lot of the typical Hawaii trees such as avocado tree, mango tree, plumeria tree papaya tree, etc. Call us today to plant, trim, prune, or remove a tree in Oahu. We serve Kapolei and nearby cities such as Ewa Beach, Makakilo, Mililani, and more.



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