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Landscaping Kailua, HI

Salty air and sandy soil makes it a trickier location than many cities when it comes to landscaping in Kailua.  We know that neighbors silently compete against each other with regards to their yards. Some homeowners really go all out on taking advantage of the beautiful tropical plants Hawaii has. let us know what you wish to achieve with yours. 

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It certainly rains a lot in Kailua which makes the green and tress lush. However, since most yards tend to be bigger here, having help on taking advantage of the weather and beauty is quite important. From installation of grass, sprinklers, flowerbeds, trees and grass cutting, shrub trimming, tree removal, and more. Anything and everything to keep the residential and commercial Kailua yards beautiful


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Creative Residential Landscapers for Kailua Homes

There are a handful of Kapolei landscaping companies that can help homeowners with creative spaces and simple maintenances. Beware that not all invest in powerful equipment and more crew to make ensure that the jobs will be done right and clean every time. We send out a big team for bigger projects which ensures the work is done seamlessly. One-man show can limit creativity and stamina in these types of jobs. We strive to be creative and efficient at the same time, every time.

Quick, Efficient, On-time Commercial Landscaping in Kailua

Kailua has quite a few commercial spaces. Stores, shops, restaurants. A big portion of them also has some space dedicated to a small garden with local trees, bushes, and flowers. It just looks so much more attractive to a customer to have some nice, lush, vibrant colors around the door.

Stone and building managers are often left with the task to find a reliable company that can do all maintenance for the yards including lawn care and tree service. Our landscapers have experience with commercial projects and flexible to take on the frequency you need.

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Our Services

The most trusted landscaper in Kailua, Hawaii

Landscape Design

Creative, personalized, and on budget. Let us work our magic to create your garden haven.

Landscaper Oahu

From the basic grass cutting to shrub trimming, weed pulling, pesticide, and fertilizer treatments.  

Tree Planting and Transplanting

Hawaii has the most amazing choice for low and fruit trees to plant in your yard.

Tree Services

Kailua tree services include tree trimming, thinning, and tree pruning. Regular services, or one time.

Tree Removal

Tree cutting and removal may be needed if they die, start leaning on structures, or the roots grow too far. Stump grinding and removal.

Sprinkler Installation

Automate your water irrigation with a sprinkler system that does not fail and will save you time and money. 

Grass and Turf Installation

Natural and artificial grass installation in Kailua. Residential and commercial projects.

Yard Clean Up

Professional, quick, stress-free yard clean-up. Popular after a storm, or big renovations that may have damaged the garden.

Most Popular Landscaping Services in Kailua and Nearby Cities

From One Time Services to Weekly, Monthly

Kailua is quite a big city with 37,500 population, just about the same as Kaneohe. This is a favorite city for many mainlanders and locals who truly enjoy the beach, peace, and relaxation. Homeowners love to be creative and here the residents take the most advantage of their yard.


Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Lawn Care

Regular maintenance is key to keep yards lush. Since it rains a lot in Kailua, residents can afford to spare the services a little more apart that other areas. However, the grass definitely grows faster and you can’t go long without cutting it. We are very flexible and will adjust you plan to your needs, even seasonally.

Landscaping Design Kailua

Kailua homeowners absolutely love to be personalize their garden. Sometimes it feels like a healthy competition between neighbors. Just walking around the homes is entertaining with so much beautiful plants, flower, and vibrant colors. Shrubs and trees are always a plus when trimmed well. Got ideas? Let us know and we will match it with your budget and our ideas and experience too.

Sprinkler System Installation

In Kailua commercial sprinkler installation is definitely more common than residential. We have installed in condominiums, townhomes with shared common areas, or single homes with big yards. In case of big spaces with a lot of plants and grass it does make sense to have a sprinkler system because it the rain will not be enough and the time and cost to water all that area could be a lot. Call us for a free estimate on sprinkler installation or repair in Kailua.

Natural or Artificial Turf installation

Similarly to Kaneohe, we get a lot of requests for natural grass installation. Turf can be requested by commercial companies at times. Or playgrounds. If you live in Kailua, you should definitely take advantage of the weather and plant quality grass that will last while you enjoy it.

Bush and Tree Trimming, Cutting Kailua

Homeowners love trees here! For share, and for trimming with beautiful shapes, along with shrubs. Some make fences out of shrubs, and plant bigger tress by the pool or the patio, barbecue area. Since most lots are a bit bigger than in Honolulu, it is wise to take advantage of the space. We have seen houses selling very well due to being very attractive with a nice yard. We can suggest you what shapes to cut it to make sure it grows healthy. Common plants here are mango tree, avocado tree, banana tree, breadfruit tree, plumeria tree, coconut tree, papaya tree, etc. Common bushes are breynia disticha (snowbush), Ti, ginger flower, dracaena reflexa (song of India), hibiscus, leucaena leucocephala (white lead tree). Call us for tree cutting in Kailua.

Tree Removal in Kailua

We love planting trees more than removing it, however there are cases where you are left with no other choice. Sometimes trees go into your neighbor’s yard, or elevate the soil breaking some concrete of fence around there. It does not matter how big or small your tree is. We have equipment an experienced crew who can handle it all. Call for tree removal in Kailua becomes your tree becomes a problem. We will provide you with a FREE Quote at (808) 707-8321.

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Even if you were not born and raised in Kailua and just moved from the mainland or another country, you certainly already felt the warm “Ohana spirit” we have. Likewise, we treat run our company as a family, and treat our customers as family too. Get in touch with our arborists to beautify your yard and keep your grass green! Please call us now at (808) 707-8321, for your instant free quote, or fill out our online form.

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