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Landscaping Honolulu, HI 

For the last decade, our landscapers have been part of many homeowners’ and business owners’ routines for landscaping in Honolulu. From residential grass cutting, shrub trimming, tree services, installation of sprinkler systems, flower beds, natural and artificial turf. You name it, we have done it.

If you live in Honolulu and are ready to take your yard to the next level, call our landscapers and discover what they can do for you.  We will work our magic on your lawn, flowerbeds, trees, shrubs, and bushes. Call (808) 707-8321. 

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At Green Grass Hawaii, we firmly prioritize customer service. We are great listeners and love educating customers for the best option to match their priorities. We do our best to discover your unique needs and give you a fair quote for the project.

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Reliable Residential Landscapers for Honolulu Homes

With so many overpriced and low-quality Honolulu landscaping companies, many homeowners just try to handle their lawn care needs on their own. However, working hard all day and coming home to take care of the yard can become a burden if you don’t enjoy doing so. It would work a lot better if you work during the day and get home to relax on a beautifully landscaped yard that can provide you with some relaxation and fun moments with the family.

Quick, On-time, and Efficient Commercial Landscaping in Honolulu

Businesses that have an outdoor space and invest in some form of flowerbeds, trees, or even just grass and bushes look much more attractive to any customer. Sometimes that in itself will catch the eye of the customer and that is why they will notice your business. Examples are restaurants with outdoor sitting, stores, shops, and more. Finding a reliable company that is equipped with all the necessary material for commercial jobs is not easy. Building managers have a lot more on their plate than to make sure that the landscaper contractors do their job as they agreed to at the frequency stipulated.

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Our Services

The most trusted services in Oahu, Hawaii

Landscape Design

Creative, personalized, and on budget. Let us work our magic to create your garden haven.

Landscaper Oahu

From the basic grass cutting to shrub trimming, weed pulling, pesticide, and fertilizer treatments.  

Tree Planting and Transplanting

Hawaii has the most amazing choice for low and fruit trees to plant in your yard.

Tree Services

Honolulu tree services include tree trimming, thinning, and tree pruning. Regular services, or one time.

Tree Removal

Tree cutting and removal may be needed if they die, start leaning on structures, or the roots grow too far. Stump grinding and removal.

Sprinkler Installation

Automate your water irrigation with a sprinkler system that does not fail and will save you time and money. 

Grass and Turf Installation

Natural and artificial grass installation in Honolulu. Residencial and commercial projects.

Yard Clean Up

Professional, quick, stress-free yard clean-up. Popular after a storm, or big renovations that may have damaged the garden.

Most Popular Landscaping Services in Honolulu and Nearby Cities

From One Time Services to Weekly, Monthly

Honolulu is the biggest city in Oahu with a population of near 350,000 inhabitants. We all agree that the number or residents is increasing. From homeowners to renters, from all over the nation and internationally as well. Japan, Korea, China, and the Philippines are the common homelands for many residents. While the weather is so different from elsewhere, Honolulu has a lot of pros on having and maintain a lush yard. It rains often which helps with keeping the soil moist and the grass green. Also, it is sunny all year long which helps with keeping the flower and fruits blooming, often several times a year. We compiled a list of the most popular services requested services when it comes to landscaping in and near Honolulu.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Lawn Care

This includes regular maintenance for whatever you decide to have us help with, at whatever frequency you wish/need. We can customize your plan, for example, tree trimming 1x/month, grass cutting 2x/month, and whatever other adjustments you need.

Landscaping Design Honolulu

Usually a one-time service with the option for a great package for monthly maintenance. Our Honolulu landscapers strive to create visually appealing landscapes that complement every home or business. We customize and personalize the creation of a space that suits your needs, desires, and budget. We also educate you on the best choices for the level of maintenance that you wish to have and let you know what to expect if you do it yourself or hire someone like our landscaping company.

Sprinkler System Installation

If you live in Honolulu you may want to consider installing sprinkler systems. Although it rains quite often in the Winter, the summer months can get quite dry. You can see it by looking around the parks. Magic Island and Diamond Head for example can look quite green and lush during most of the winter, but when it gets to May/June, the bushes turn brown easily and there is not enough rain to keep it green. That means that you have 3 options. First, you can water your garden every day or every couple of days at least. Second, you hire someone to do that. Third, you install an affordable and effective sprinkler system in Honolulu. This last option will save you time and money over hiring someone to water your garden every day. The bigger your yard, the more it makes sense to have a sprinkler system. Call us for a free estimate on sprinkler installation or repair.

Natural or Artificial Turf installation

Grass is part of almost every home in Honolulu. Most people choose to install natural grass in their homes. Although Honolulu is not as popular for turf installation as Kapolei and Ewa Beach areas, we still see a big demand for this service. Especially for commercial properties, residential building amenities, and playgrounds. The fact that turf has such low maintenance is the main reason of choice for artificial grass over natural grass installation.

Bush and Tree Trimming, Cutting Honolulu

Most homes in Honolulu also have trees that need trimming or cutting quite often. In the Kalihi, Liliha, Nuuanu, Palolo, and Manoa valley it is common to see an avocado tree, mango tree, banana tree, plumeria tree, or papaya tree. Commn bushes are breynia disticha (snowbush), Ti, ginger flower, dracaena reflexa (song of India), hibiscus, leucaena leucocephala (white lead tree). Call us for tree cutting in Honolulu.

Tree Removal in Honolulu

Sometimes trees just grow too far and lean on properties, roofs, or even electricity poles. These are hazards. You should also look at the roots to see if they are elevating the soil and could impact the foundation of your home, or worse, your neighbor’s home. It is best to take care of this before it becomes a problem. Our team is equipped will powerful equipment to handle all types of tree removal. Call for an estimate.

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