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Landscape Design Oahu, Hawaii

If you are looking for Landscape Design in Oahu we are at the right company! Designing your own garden with GG Hawaii is super fun and exciting! GG Hawaii loves to integrate your personal touch into landscaping while at the same time ensuring it will thrive, be strong and vibrant, and not have it be a burden economically.  There are many factors to consider when composing your corner of paradise with GG Hawaii:

Size of your lawn and space available for gardening:

Do you have a big yard with lots of opportunity for beautiful trees and plants?  Or do you have a small yard but want to make the most out of it?  We are lucky to live in Oahu and benefit from the most amazing tropical trees and plants we can get anywhere in the world! That is one of the reasons why we love our landscaping job at GG Hawaii!

How much maintenance does a garden need in Oahu?

Another factor to think about for a garden layout is the maintenance of it.  Do you love spending time in the garden yourself, or do you prefer having someone else doing the upkeep work? For any case we can let you know what type of maintenance to expect on your own and how much it will cost if you would want GG Hawaii to continue serving you.  That makes planning easy and stress free!  Call us today!

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What plants do you like? What plants increase the value of your property in Hawaii?

We all like different things and that is why planning a garden is a lot of fun. No garden can be the same and your landscape should be unique. If you are looking to tie in the joy of a nice garden to a boost your property value, look no further. A well landscaped Oahu yard could increase your property value from 5-20%.

If you are planning to sell your home know that landscaping expenses are often fully recovered after your home is sold. You may actually be able to pull in double the amount you spent on landscape enhancements. That’s a 100% ROI! Homes with a clean yard and well-kept plants and trees are also likely to sell faster. Favorites in Hawaii are the tropical plants and fruit trees native to the region as low maintenance is attractive to a new buyer.

What are common plant combinations?

Despite the spoil you have, other factors to think about is how much sun and shade the plants you want will have. That often means you may need some plants with bigger foliage to provide shade, or maybe a tree close by. You may also choose a certain plant combination to enhance the color and texture or the plants or to create a color scheme in your garden. Plants with dark foliage are often used to bring out the color of the flowers. There are so many possibilities! Call us to find out more ideas how to combine plants in garden!


What about a vegetable garden?

It has become very trendy to grow your own vegetables in Hawaii, especially as the health benefit of organic products has become unquestionable; never mind how expensive they are at the store. It is also a fun activity to do with your kids! We can help you plan how to maximize a vegetable garden based on what vegetable you and your family enjoy eating.

Whatever your goals are, GG Hawaii is happy to help you designing the garden of your dreams at affordable prices, so you can make the most out of it. Whether it is a small or big yard, maximizing it will for sure increase your property value and provide you with great opportunities for better enjoying your home! Call us today for a reliable landscape design in Honolulu and Oahu! For designs in Florida check our friends Lawn Care Miami.

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