Hawaii has so many possibilities to fulfill your landscaping ideas. However, for some reason when people think about landscape design they think it has to be complicated and expensive. The truth is that design is whatever you wish and works. That is why it is called design. You can design a mixture between landscape and hardscape by using rocks, gravel, concrete, deck, and more. Some people incorporate it with landscapes such as grass, turf, bushes, plants, and trees.


Landscape and Hardscape Ideas

At Green Grass Hawaii, we have experience with both landscape and hardscape projects. That includes building pathways with desired shapes and installing rocks and gravel along with the plants and grass of choice, for example.

Trends in Hawaii

Recently we have seen a significant amount of homes with “dead” scape in their yards. Most owners never considered that they could use it to add value and function to their homes. Others even forgot that is part of their land and that they own it. As the market price of homes rises, we have seen a trend for people to start noticing it and want to beautify their land. Some are owners ready to sell their homes and realize that the yard is important to increase the value of the house. Others are the buyers that acquire the home and as soon as they move in want to improve their condition. We believe that the concept of “working from home” and spending more time at home after the pandemic is one of the reasons why people seem to be more excited to design their yards in a way that they can enjoy it.


Cost of Landscape Design

Landscaping design can be done with a few hundred, all the way to thousands of dollars, depending on the size and what you wish for. There are so many options, and we are happy to provide you with ideas within your budget. In the picture above, this owner wanted something simple, with less maintenance, but still looking nice and inviting. The landscaper gave them several options and they choose white landscape rocks or white gravel. The white color is generally speaking more expensive and more desirable. Especially in Oahu, because the white color sparks the sunlight. We have so much sun, it’s a shame to not take advantage of that. The addition of plants gives color and ensures it is not a boring space. It’s amazing how a simple design can give life to a small space otherwise dead and boring, and add value to the whole home.

Other fancy and artsy designs can be created with a bigger budget. Trees can be added for shade and to grow your favorite Hawaii fruits such as papaya, mango, banana, or avocado to name a few.


Build a Garden in Your Yard

Do you have a “dead” space in your yard and would like to utilize it to add value and beauty to your home? Let us know your budget and maintenance that you are willing to do or hire a landscaper for. We would love to give you Hawaii landscaping ideas and recommend what options would work for you.