If you’re wondering what months are best for tree trimming in Hawaii, the simple answer is that it depends on what tree you have. Living in Hawaii, you experience the constant sun and rain, which caused plants and trees to constantly grow. It is sometimes hard to define when is pruning season for each tree, even though you can see a range. Although most trees slow down their growth in the winter months, is it not like in other states where they lose all their leaves and totally stop growing until spring.

In these cases, it is important to understand what trees do you have and what is their behavior like. Our team has many years of experience in Oahu tree trimming. Not only do they know the trees, but also the climate where they are located. The same type of tree may grow differently on the leeward side from the windward side of the island. Our team cares not only to trim dead branches, make them aesthetically pleasing, but also to shape them in a way to increase their longevity.


Trimming Deciduous Trees In Late Fall Or Winter

In general, late fall and winter are well known to be the gold time for trimming deciduous trees. As you may know, Hawaii is not really the best location to grow deciduous trees. That is because we don’t have a clear fall and winter season. However, you can still have some such as apple, peach, and pear trees to name a few. During spring and summer, these trees tend to grow a lot and if you were to trim it at this time you would disrupt their natural process and compromise their immune system and longevity.

Another reason spring and summer are the worse time for tree trimming on deciduous trees is that there will likely be a lot of bugs in these times. Cutting trees at this time will attract bugs that like to bore into that fresh cuts leading to diseases (bacteria, fungi, virus, bug infestation).


Trimming Evergreen Trees Depends on The Specie

Hawaii has some evergreen trees such as cook pines. For example, at the top of St. Louis Heights on Oahu, there is quite a bit of those. These trees should be trimmed in late winter or early spring. Douglas fir and spruce trees, however, should be trimmed either in late winter or late summer. As you can see, it really depends on the species, and that is why having a crew of dependable tree trimmers is crucial to ensure it’s done correctly and at the right time.


Pruning Smaller Trees And Shrubs


Prevent Diseased and Big Infestation

A lot of Hawaii homes have small trees and shrubs. The very first goal of trimming those is to find and cut any branches that are dead or dying. The existence of dying branches will attract bugs which, as you know, can cause infestations and further problems in your plants. Moreover, did you know that until the branch is fully dead, the tree/shrub will continue to send nutrients to try to feed that part as well, even though is dying? That is another major reason why trees need to be trimmed every so often. It is really a waste of energy to the plant which should be focused on sending the nutrients to the healthy parts and growing beautiful flowers and fruits instead.

Maintain Your Views

If you are lucky to live in an area with nice views, you probably want your trees and shrubs to be nicely trimmed to preserve those views. Living in Hawaii, chances are you have at least one area of your yard that has some view that you want to preserve. Regular trimming and pruning will maintain you it pleasant to the eye and also make a difference in the value of your home.

Prevent Further Damage from a Storm

Although Hawaii has the best weather on the planet, it still has some storms during the winter and hurricane season. These include heavy rains and heavy wind gusts that can cause branches and trees to fall. What is the first thing that flies from the tree? Dead or dying branches for sure as they are not well attached anymore. Regular maintenance for trees is imperative year-round to ensure its longevity and prevent hazards.

Knowledge of Trimming Techniques

Cutting small trees and shrubs can be a DIY project if you enjoy it. You can invest in some equipment, read some books and/or watch some videos. Do your research on the type of tree you have and how to trim it. Ensure you have the time and the energy to do it and if you enjoy it as much as us, you will have fun! If you don’t have the time to devote to learn, cut, and clean up after the work, hire someone such as our landscaping team for a fast, reliable, and clean service. The best way to contact us it so call directly, speak to us of leave a message. You can also submit an online form. Estimates are always free!