The Benefits of Growing Trees in Your Yard


You should consider adding trees when designing the landscape of your home. Some people recommend removing trees from their homes and landscapes, believing they consume valuable space while offering little or no benefit. While trees certainly need space to grow, it’s a small price to pay. With trees growing in your landscape, you will experience the following five advantages.

1) A cooler yard and possibly a cooler house

You may not realize but if you have trees around your house, it reduces the cooling costs of your home in the summer. It depends on the layout of the trees and the length and size of the crown. Maximizing both can decrease your home’s cooling costs by up to 20%. This is because the trees cast a shadow over your home and reduce the amount of solar heat it absorbs.
 2) Noise Reduction
One of the advantages of trees, which are often overlooked by people, is their ability to mute the sound. If you live in or near a busy city, you can grow trees in your landscape, a calmer environment for you and your family. They absorb sound waves, resulting in reduced noise.

3) Increase the value of your property

Research shows that adding trees to the landscape increases the value of real estate by an average of 20%. Continued tree care is primordial to that value.  When looking for a home, many buyers will explore the landscape. If the landscape is vicious and consists entirely of grass, buyers may find the property less valuable. However, if the landscape is beautiful and lush with trees and plants, the potential buyers may perceive the property as more desirable, hence valuable.

4) Cleaner Environment

Trees also create a much cleaner environment by filtering water and air. They release oxygen after converting sunlight into energy. That is why cities need to have trees and parks too.
If you are an environmentally conscious person, you can contribute to creating a cleaner environment with the help of trees.

5) Promote Outdoor Living

If there are trees in your landscape, you’ll probably spend more time outdoors. First, it is more comfortable. It’s hard to enjoy the view when the sun shines. You have natural sun protection with trees so you and your family can enjoy the view of your home. Whether deciduous or coniferous, trees offer many advantages.
Trees provide lower cooling costs in summer, reduce noise, increase property cost, provide an environment and promote outdoor living.

How to Plant Trees in Your Landscape for Extra Shade

Planting the right types of trees in the right part of your landscape can make your home more productive in the summer. They will cast a shadow over your home and reduce the amount of solar heat your home absorbs. As a result, you will spend less money on cooling-related electricity bills. If you, when considering planting trees in your landscape for October shade, there are a few things you should know.

1) Select Broad Leaves

For maximum shade, choose broad and deciduous trees rather than conifers for your landscape.
Deciduous trees, of course, lose their leaves each year, while conifers produce and shed pine needles-often rarer than their deciduous counterparts. By reading the differences between conifers and deciduous trees, you can assume that conifers are the best choice because they don’t lose their needles every year. But the reality is that deciduous trees provide more shade. Deciduous trees produce leaves that are fuller and form a lush canopy than the needles produced by conifers.

2) Plant trees on the West Side

If you’re hoping to create a summer shade, you should plant trees on the West Side of your home.
While the sun’s inclination angles vary depending on various factors-Region, season, etc.
– Most homes in the United States, on the west side, will be under the summer sun in the afternoon. Of course, you can also plant trees on the east side of your house.
The east side probably won’t get as much direct sunlight as the West, but if you’re trying to make your home more efficient, a little shade can still be useful.

3) Plant Bushes Around Hair Conditioner

While trees are perfect for throwing shade at your home, you can plant shrubs to throw shade at the conditioner. Just planting a few bushes around the air conditioner can increase its efficiency by 10%. The bushes will form a shade, which helps keep the unit cool during the hot summer months. Combined with deciduous trees planted on the western side of your home, it can lower the cooling costs of your home in the summer.

4) Care for trees and shrubs

Whatever trees or shrubs you plan, for shade to grow, you need to protect them. If they are neglected, they will continue to grow as you absorb more of your landscape. To check the size of your trees and shrubs, cut them if necessary. Our team of Oahu tree trimmers is highly capable of taking care of big and small trees. Let us check out your yard and we will make a plan for the best and most affordable tree care service in Oahu