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Landscaper in Oahu: Areas We Serve

Hawaii is so diverse and that is why we love being a landscaper in Oahu. We can deal with different soils, plants, and climates. Most people don’t realize how much that impacts their garden because they feel that Oahu is so small. We thought it would be helpful to give you an idea of the variation is services and maintenance required based on the location where you live in Hawaii:

Landscaping in Aiea and Pearl City

The most common service for landscaping in Aiea and Pearl City is the simple grass cut and shrub trimming.  We recommend once every 3 weeks here, but you can normally get by with once a month.  Got something not simple?  Let us know how we can help.

Landscaping in Mililani and Wahiawa

It rains a lot in Mililani and Wahiawa.  The most common areas of yard work includes regular maintenance, especially for grass trimming and tree pruning.  A bi-monthly or every other month yard maintenance program is very common here as the greenery grows so fast!

Landscaping in Kaneohe

Kaneohe is another extremely wet city.  However, since most houses here are less impacted by community associations, we have found that many Kaneohe owners are more creative in how they treat their yards.  Yard maintenance is very common here. Let us guide you on what are the best plants to utilize all the free water you receive from mother Nature!

Landscaping in Kailua

Salty air and sandy soil makes Kailua a trickier location than many cities when it comes to landscaping.  Since many neighbors silently compete against each other with regards to their yards, let us know what you wish to achieve with yours.

Landscaping in Ewa Beach, Makakilo, and Kapolei

Ewa Beach, Kapolei, and Makakilo are the driest parts of the island for landscape.  The most common complaint heard from our clients is keeping the grass green.  Often it’s to avoid community association fines!  Common options for landscaping in Kapolei and nearby cities include installing or optimizing sprinkler systems.  It is not uncommon to also look into low maintenance or low water types of yards.

Landscaping in Waianae

Waianae is another dryer climate here where sprinklers can help save money for landscaping. People most often opt for grass services and tree planting and pruning (especially fruit trees – mango, papaya, avocado, banana…). One time clean ups are also common.

Landscaping in North Shore

Many of our clients use us for ideas on landscaping for those large lots and yards.  Sprinkler help many save time and money keeping those bigger yards green.

Landscaping in Honolulu

No other city can really categorize Honolulu since it takes up a quarter of the island’s land mass.  Our state’s capital has a little bit of every city from rainy, dry, sandy, to the mountain side.  Population is dense and lots are small. Artificial grass has become popular in those veranda-type spaces  as a way to maximize its use if you don’t have a yard. There is no uncommon in Honolulu and that’s how we like it.

Landscaping in Hawaii Kai, Diamond Head, Kahala

Hawaii Kai, Diamond Head, and Kahala are the drier area of Honolulu. There is no “grass only” yard here! Gardens here are beautiful and extravagant, and a lot of people go above and beyond to also add value to their properties and they sure succeed! We at GG Hawaii have the landscaper experts in for designing and maintenance and will guarantee you a professional and thoughtful service as you deserve!

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