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✔ Experience in Hawaii Landscaping

We are part of Island Green Landscaping & Maintenance, a team of local Hawaii landscapers with 25+ years of experience! The Hawaii climate allows for beautiful tropical plants, fruit trees, and bushes that are unique to the islands. For example, pikake, ginger flower, hibiscus, bird of paradise, plumeria tree, avocado, mango, and papaya trees. When planned correctly and taken care of, your garden can be lush all year round! How luck are we? Not many people can say that in the other states, right? A beautiful garden gives you opportunities to spend quality time in your yard with your family and friends, can increase your happiness at home, collect some fruits if you wish so, and sure increases your property value!


✔ Reliable and Show Up on Time

Whether you have a weekly or monthly package with us, you never have to worry about when or if we will be there. Our crew will show up in the same day of the week, and roughly around the same time of the day. That way you know when to expect us. Our company strives to keep a happy long-term relationship with all of our clients and being reliable is part of our core values.


✔ Quick Service with Top Notch Equipment

We are equipped with above average lawn equiment to ensure quality of work, speed, and cleanliness after a job is done. We come in with blades sharpened, high powered trimmers, hedgers, and lawn edger. Why hire the average landscaper if you can have the experts for nearly the same cost?

✔ Great Customer Service

Most landscapers are hard to get a hold of. Our new customers always mention how happy they are that we pick up the phone and have a dedicated staff member to answer and questions and schedule appointments. Try us out and give us a call at 808-707-8321!


✔ Affordable Landscaping in Hawaii

 We believe that investing in more staff, training, and in quality equipment, allows us to do more jobs per day with less chances of mistakes or missing areas. Therefore, our crew is able to schedule a good amount of jobs per day and keep the cost affordable for landscaping in Hawaii.


✔ Oahu Landscaping packages for regular maintenance or one time jobs as needed

We have Oahu landscaping packages for all needs. From a simple grass cut, shrub trimming, or monthly yard maintenance. We can include Oahu tree services such as tree trimming and pruning as needed. The frequency is based on the needs of your yard. Some people need seasonal tree services or a one time tree removal or yard clean up. Sprinkler installation in Oahu is another common one time service we provide. 

✔ We can design and build the garden of your dreams!

We love landscape design in Oahu as we get to be the most creative.  Our team listens to your ideas and can help with recommendations for your goals. We have high standards and quality of work.  creativity, customer satisfaction, and affordable prices. We are thankful to the local community for continued support and trust us to one of the most respected Oahu Landscaping Companies!


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