Why is Regular Tree Service Important?

You may think your trees look okay and that you don’t need professional tree services such as tree trimming. We encourage you to learn more about the importance of taking care of your trees to minimize problems and ensure the function, beauty, and value of your yard. This Oahu tree service team put together some key points for you to think about. So let’s think about some of the following issues:


1. Does a tree hang over your house, or does it leave all sorts of rubbish on the lawn?


If a tree hangs around your home and leaves all sorts of rubbish on your lawn, you may need to hire a tree care provider. If there is a tree hanging over your home, there is always a risk of falling and damaging your home. If that happened, it could also hurt people in the House. Also, if there are too many in the tree, because of the limbs that constantly enter your garden, cleaning them can be uncomfortable. If you hire a tree maintenance company, they can cut down the tree or remove it if necessary before it causes property damage or physical injury. Taking the time to organize this in advance can help you avoid a big headache in the long run.

2.  Trees are very unpleasant when they are overgrown


If your tree is bad and overgrown, it may need to be cut down. In Hawaii, a great example are mango trees. As much as we love mangos, you can ask anyone who owns a mango tree and they will tell you that this tree is a big headache to take care of as it grows so much and produces so many leaves. Trimming, pruning, and cleaning a mango tree is very difficult and not everyone will have the equipment, balance, and stamina to do it. 
Also, because of the lack of experience you have, you may be more likely to use equipment improperly and can even cause an injury. Another point to consider is your neighbors; if you do a terrible tree pruning job, they won’t be happy. Depending on the area you live in, the homeowners association can even lead to fines. To avoid this fiasco, you need to hire a professional landscaping companies Oahu. When you do that, you don’t have to worry about something going wrong or someone getting hurt.

3. Is your tee under insects attack?


If your tree is under attack by insects, that can affect its health. If you rent an insecticide, just take care to get rid of insects, not the health of your tree. Therefore, in order to keep your tree healthy and get rid of insects, you only need to hire a reputable tree-growing company to solve the problem. When it comes to insects attacking trees first you need to understand what type of insect is it.
Chewing insects often eat the leaves and fruits of the tree. If care is not taken for the chewing insects, it can nuisance the tree and kill it.
Boring insects tend to pierce a tree and feed on its vascular tissues. When they do, they peel the leaves and top of the food tree, causing it to despair and die.
Sucking insects tend to stick to the tree and absorb the liquid. They then release a secretion, a sticky substance that sticks to the tree. This sticky secretion attracts fungi that are harmful to the tree. If you don’t take care of these sucking insects in time, it can put the tree in trouble and eventually kill it.
So if you suspect the trees in your garden are being attacked by insects, it’s important to hire a tree care company to look after the insects while keeping the trees healthy. If you don’t, the trees will eventually die and you risk falling and damaging your property or hurting someone.

4. Did you cut a tree and have stumps around the yard?


Random logs/stumps on the yard are not pleasant and are a safety hazard. Also, if you don’t remove the stumps, this can cause new trees to grow. When there is new growth on the stump, it can receive nutrients from other trees or plants in the area, which can lead to their distress and death.
Logs can also be dangerous to friends or family. If friends and family are walking or playing in the garden, they can’t see a stump that can cause them to trip and fall.
Another thing to consider, tree stumps are very annoying when you are trying to mow the lawn. When mowing the lawn, be sure to maneuver around the stump. If you do not, you may damage your lawnmower itself.  You should also take the time to get a grass eater to cut grass that you can’t reach near the log, as it would be impossible to cut the site perfectly.
Did you know that tree stumps are also a breeding ground for insects? If the stump starts to deteriorate, it will attract insects that like to pierce the stump. These boring insects will eventually destroy the log and have to move to other trees in your home or even into the forest. If it gets into your home, it can lead to many expensive repairs.

5. Do you know what signs indicate a diseased tree?


Unless you’re a tree expert, you may not know there are diseased trees in your garden. When a tree gets sick, it is in a weakened state, which can lead to insects and further disease followed by death. To avoid this, you need to work with a professional.
If you have a tree specialist who can recognize and treat your diseased trees, it will increase their chances of being healthy again.

6. Maintenance of trees during drought 


During droughts, trees do not get the water they need to thrive. The prolonged drought can cause a constant deterioration in the health of the tree.
When the health of the tree decreases, the integrity of the tree may weaken, causing the branches as well as the tree itself to fall.
If you live in a drought-prone area, talk to an arborist. With their level of expertise, they will be able to tell which trees are best suited for your landscaping. They will also be able to tell you how you can fertilize your trees to help them retain moisture, and give tips on how to spray them with greywater. Gray water is recycled household water (sink, bathtub) that does not contain chemicals or food.
When you use gray water, you won’t experience water restrictions during a drought, but you can ensure your tree has enough water to stay healthy.

7. Is your tree a thorn next door?


If your garden has trees, they should definitely be able to elevate the curb appeal of your house. The least desirable option would be to tear down the tree. This is an undesirable option because you don’t want to knock down perfectly healthy trees. You should also consider local and state laws regarding trees and their removal. Instead of removing a tree, you should always choose to trim and prune it regularly as needed. The value of trees is more than what you think. And you will only know if you decide to rent or sell your property. You will be surprised how many people look for a yard with some trees before purchasing or renting a home. 

8. Leaves in your pool


If you have a pool you most likely want to take advantage of having trees around to get some nice shade you’re your enjoyment. The problem is the leaves that fall on the pool and yard. We are not going to lie. It is annoying to clean it. For the pool, if you don’t clean it quickly, it can break the leaves that affect the pool filter, affect the pH balance of the water and stain the pool itself.  
There are ways to clean the leaves, but whatever you choose to remove the leaves, it can be tedious and time-consuming.
But, you can do a few things to avoid the number of leaves in your pool. First, you can only plant trees that lose trees in the fall or once a year. When you do that, you just want to make sure you choose trees that have a small root system because you don’t want the roots in your pool to grow and be damaged. The best option would be to hire a professional to prune trees near your pool once a year to remove branches that may be dead or too big